I Study Coincidences: Here's How To Make Sense Of Random Twists Of Fate


Connect with the natural world around you, says Beitman, including animals, bugs, plants, etc. “This planet is not just us. It’s the other beings on this planet, and we have connections with them,” he says. “Plants can communicate with us if we’re open to it. Animals can communicate with us if we’re open.” 

For example, many people (Beitman included) believe dogs have the ability to read your emotions, which is why your pet may instinctively know if you’re sick or sad. You may also hear of incredible stories where someone faces a sudden emergency, and their dog—miles away from the scene—starts wildly barking for seemingly no rhyme or reason. “There’s a consciousness in dogs,” Beitman says. There’s a consciousness in every living thing, if you take the time to connect with them—even plants. “Trees have given me good advice,” adds Beitman. “The forest communicates with me.”


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