Territory foods is a meal delivery service that works with registered dietitians to source pre-made meals from local chefs, small businesses, and restaurants in the area. The menu available in my Brooklyn zip code included options from Springbone Kitchen, a health-focused bone broth company with several restaurants in New York, LP’s Kitchen, a a New Jersey based meal prep small business, and The Well, a trendy, integrative medicine spa.

There’s no subscription or commitment required for Territory’s meal programs—just choose between two, four, six, or twelve single-serve meals per week. The meals are delivered to your door, requiring just a minute or two in the microwave before they’re ready to eat. Deliveries occur twice per week to ensure the freshest ingredients.

If you do sign up for a subscription, Territory will prompt you to rate your meals each week, and will then preselects menu options based on your feedback. You can edit these selections as well, but it’s nice to know that if you forget, your meals will be tailored to your preferences. Menus rotate each week, featuring up to 90 different items, and incorporate ingredients in season in your area.

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