If You Keep Seeing This Spiritual Symbol Everywhere, An Ending Could Be Near


So, whether you keep seeing moths when you’re awake or in your dreams, what do you do about it? The answer lies in getting clear on what the moth’s message really is for you.

Baumann Brunke explains that for many, moths remind us of the importance of endings in the process of transformation. “While we may fear its connection with death and endings, Moth is also a sign of rebirth. Its presence encourages us to trust the process of letting go so that we may move ahead,” she explains.

That said, the first thing she recommends is asking yourself how you feel about endings. “Seeing a lot of moths may indicate the ending of something—a job, a relationship, a particular phase of your life,” Baumann Brunke tells mbg, adding, “Thus you might ask yourself, Is it time to let go of something? Do you fear loss or are you excited to let go and move on? 

Endings are inevitable, but resisting those endings doesn’t have to be. As Baumann Brunke says, “How we feel about endings in our lives often influences our experience. Moth is so helpful in this way, because it reminds us that by coming to terms with endings, we can better welcome and move into new beginnings.”


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