If Your Skin Just Won’t Stay Hydrated, Try Moisturizing From The Inside Out


You may be familiar with the idea of skin supplements, but many of them are more geared toward easing fine lines or brightening complexion than supporting hydration. For those looking to check off the latter box, keep an eye out for ceramides in your supplement formulas.*

A quick science lesson: Ceramides are polar lipids, key lipids that are naturally present in our skin cells1. They make up the barrier between the outside environment and our body, locking in moisture and protecting our skin from environmental aggressors.

If you think of the skin barrier as the “bricks and mortar,” ceramides are part of the mortar holding it all together—about 50% of it, in fact2. However, your body naturally begins to lose ceramides as you age—so if you want to get to the root of wrinkles and dry skin1, look to the loss of ceramides. Plus, many other common skin gripes 3have been linked to low ceramide levels. 

You’ll find ceramides in topical products, but those don’t contribute to your inner ceramide bank—hence, why you should look for high-quality, science-backed ceramides in supplements, specifically as phytoceramides (or plant-derived ceramides).


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