I'm A Beauty Editor & This De-Puffing Cream Is My Secret To Brighter Under-Eyes


A few years ago, mbg’s beauty director (hi, Alex!) gifted me a bottle of Tata Harper’s Boosted Contouring Serum. I was speechless. I had never experienced a beauty product so carefully formulated, beautifully packaged, and just utterly fabulous (I also never imagined I would own a $350 face serum), and it became a product I truly treasured. It felt so precious that I almost didn’t even want to use it (but, oh, did I soak up every last, hydrating drop). To this day, every time I slather on a Tata Harper formula, it brings me back to that moment of wonder. 

That being said, beauty treasures don’t have to be expensive. Some are sentimental, many are priceless, and others, yes, are very, very sparkly. Below, the beauty team compiled all the products we proudly displayed on our vanities this December—you’ll be sure to find your newest prize. 


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