I'm A Certified Personal Trainer & These Adjustable Dumbbells Are The Ultimate Fitness Hack


When building your at-home workout setup, it can be easy to accumulate piles of bulky equipment—fast. Enter: adjustable dumbbells, the equipment hack that takes up the space of a single heavy dumbbell, yet serves the purpose of virtually all types—from light weights for high repetitions to heavier weights for those serious gains.

As an ACE-certified personal trainer with a specialization in orthopedic exercise, I’m a huge proponent of strength and resistance training to help enhance overall daily functioning, improve posture, boost your metabolism, prevent injury, and promote longevity—and science backs me up on this. A meta-analysis from the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirmed that a regular regimen of muscle-strengthening activities can reduce your risk of mortality, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes by up to 17 percent.

There are a slew of incredible psychological benefits that come with weight-training, too. Research suggests a link between strength training and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as improvements in sleep quality, self-esteem and cognition. Needless to say, finding the right exercise equipment is key for anyone who wants to reap these weight-training benefits from home. Read on for the best adjustable dumbbells to streamline your next workout.


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