I'm A Gut Doctor: Don't Overlook This Major Determinant Of Your Overall Health


When it comes to narrowing down which factor plays the biggest part in determining your health, we must first look at two things: blood sugar after eating and blood fat. To do this, Bulsiewicz pulls up a study published in Nature Medicine by chief scientist at Zoe Sarah Berry, Ph.D. “We look at these factors because they are a measure of your metabolism and are predictive of your risk for cardiovascular [concerns] in the future, so we want to control what we can,” Bulsiewicz explains in his caption.

Through looking at the findings, Bulsiewicz lays out a scenario in which you eat a meal and then take a look at your blood sugar afterward. According to Bulsiewicz, the “[gut] microbiome is more important than your age, more important than your gender, but what you eat, how you choose to eat it, and your genetics are very important” when it comes to blood sugar. The good news here is that since it’s what you’re eating and how you’re eating it that determines blood sugar levels, you have the freedom to make changes to your nutrition choices to lower spikes and support your health with balancing foods.

Meanwhile, after eating a meal, Bulsiewicz notes it’s the gut microbiome that has the most say in terms of your blood fat. “Your microbiome is actually more powerful than your genetic code, than what’s on the plate, and the context in which you eat your meal,” he reveals.

In short, your overall health (and major metabolic parameters like blood sugar and lipids) are mediated by both your gut microbiome and your dietary choices, with the former having a larger impact on your blood fat, and the latter playing a more significant role in blood sugar, according to Bulsiewicz.


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