I'm A Longevity Expert: Eat These 4 Foods For A Longer Life


OK, beans aren’t exactly underrated, especially for Buettner. However, he says we have lost our appreciation for the fiber-filled pantry staple. 

“Two cups of beans a day will give you all the fiber you need,” he shares. “Fewer than 10% of Americans get enough fiber…Beans will cover that. They are a fantastic protein, especially when paired with a grain.” Buettner even claims a cup of beans a day can add about four years to your life expectancy. 

But the real kicker? They’re versatile—you can add beans into pretty much any tasty recipe. “Americans don’t know how to make beans taste good,” Buettner jokes, since other regions of the world (namely, Blue Zones) prepare beans in such delicious, creative ways. “[Beans] are in every one of these cultures, and in many cases, there are 400 years of trial and error to learn how to make these beans taste delicious,” he adds. Consider whipping up a pot of hearty minestrone soup, á la Buettner. 


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