I'm A Longevity-Focused MD & These Are My 7 Keys To Boundless Energy


Now, it’s easy to see how Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Alleviating Stress and Emotional Control, and Mindset—the physical, emotional, and mental components of the energetic elements—can benefit the individual. These five Elements are integral to every health education or wellness program ever created and have undoubtedly been drilled into you by your doctor, workplace wellness coordinator, or life coach. Get more restful, restorative sleep. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Do some physical activity every day. Control your stress. Think positive.

But despite your best efforts, you may have felt as if there was something missing. One can never achieve his or her highest BioEnergetic potential unless Community and Purpose—the spiritual component of the energetic elements—are included, and there is a reason why our genes are wired this way. This mutual, symbiotic dependence was the only way multicellular life evolved. We are who we are today because cells worked together in synergy to form the complexity of life on Earth. Our cells—and we ourselves—are meant to thrive as individuals, of course, but ultimately as a group so that we can give back and elevate the community for the collective good.

For example: a heart cell has to be the very best heart cell in order to fulfill its purpose and pump effectively as possible to deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body. The brain, liver, and lungs receive this life-sustaining nourishment granted to them by the cells of their other fully functioning co-organs. If a heart cell decides, I’m not going to follow my purpose. I want to filter blood like a kidney cell, not pump blood, not only will this cause circulatory collapse, but the cellular process of transforming one type of cell into another is what leads to cancer.

The whole organism will thrive only if every cell fulfills and contributes its unique purpose to its fullest potential. And that can only happen when a cell receives signals from a high BioEnergetic State.

Excerpted from Thrive State, 2nd Edition: Your Blueprint for Optimal Health, Longevity, and Peak Performance by Kien Vuu, MD with permission from the publisher.


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