I'm A Neuroscientist: This Is How To Achieve Your Goals By Changing Your Brain


Finally, you have to hold yourself accountable for those goals. “It’s very easy to start a new year and say, OK, ‘these are all my resolutions and new things that I’m going to do.’ And then, for most of us, that motivation doesn’t remain,” Swart says. Motivation is certainly a skill, but according to Swart, most of our goals drop off simply because we pick ones that feel way too big. 

Try to create actionable, tangible goals, and prioritize them based on what you can control. “If there are some things that are more in your control, like getting fit and healthy, then start doing that, and then if there’s something that’s less in your control, like getting married or having a baby, then give that a bit longer,” she notes. Just make sure to have some sort of accountability along the way, whether it’s a vision board, your partner, a therapist, etc. 


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