Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed all three dinner options. Each meal was very veggie-forward and easy to prepare. While I had to use multiple pans for each, cleanup was still fairly quick. The recipe instructions detailed what to do and when, so all meal components were ready to be assembled and served at the same time. 

Not all meal kits have pre-portioned components, but with Green Chef the ingredients were diced, chopped, and measured, saving me significant prep time. I was also impressed by the sauces that came with some of the meals. The lemon crema sauce for the chicken was rich and tart, keeping the chicken breast moist (which isn’t always easy). The miso-tahini sauce offered a nuttiness to the cauliflower & couscous bowl and left me wishing I could buy a bottle to have on hand. 

The Sunny Southwest Beef Patties tasted delicious, with flavors I never would have thought to combine. This and the Roasted Chicken meal were relatively low on net carbs, each with the carbohydrate component coming from root vegetables. I’ve been (albeit somewhat unintentionally) eating lower-carb meals for dinner and was pleased to find that the recipes didn’t rely on grains as a base. 

Each dinner recipe was still just as tasty when reheated for lunch the following day, which is good news for anyone who is deterred by the thought of having leftovers. 

I’m usually a big pancake lover, but the Keto Cinnamon Ricotta Pancakes just didn’t do it for me. The ricotta cheese and creme fraiche made the pancakes quite dense and the almond flour didn’t allow for as smooth a batter as I prefer. Someone following a strict keto diet or who is more accustomed to baking with almond flour may enjoy this recipe more than I did.

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