I'm An Herbalist & This Is The Best Type Of Tea For Digestive Support


While we should certainly eliminate any foods causing a negative reaction in the body, fortifying digestion with carminative herbs may help further reduce the inflammatory response that eventually manifests in more serious ways. My herbal teacher, Michael Moore, liked to call this “meeting the herbs halfway.”

When we use herbs to assist us through the occasional flare-up of digestive discomfort, we begin to shift into the mindset of balancing our bodies from the inside out, rather than the outside-in approach of symptom suppression. Culinary herbs like the ones in this tea nourish the body, are very safe to drink, and tend to increase our wellness over time. In contrast, many of our culture’s go-to medications simply quiet the body’s attempt to signal a problem, depleting health over time and potentially causing side effects.

Since undergoing brain surgery at 19 due to the side effects of a pharmaceutical drug, I’ve been working for nearly four decades to empower others with proactive healthcare routines that feature herbs. This tea blend is inspired by the Happy Tummy Honey in my book, The Herbal Kitchen. If you are brewing this tea frequently, try making a batch of the herbal honey! Once it’s on your shelf, all you need for a quick cup of digestive support tea is a spoonful in a mug of warm water.



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