I'm An Intuitive & November Is Going To Take Us For An Energetic Ride


The second week of November (which includes Election Day here in the States) feels abrupt, like a lightening bolt that produces a clearing for some truths to come out, as well as a path forward. Not picking sides or saying that one path is the best path, but that is the image I’m seeing.

And I’m not just talking about the collective energy—it’s also personal. Where in your life are you possibly avoiding the truth of a situation? Where would you feel lighter if there was more clarity on next steps? It’s better to look at it now, before it feels like you don’t have a choice but to look at it.

I’m not asking you to get hyper-vigilant and worry, but rather get curious. If you can think of an area where you’re ignoring your intuition, it’s always better to admit the truth to yourself. And that doesn’t mean you have to take action and change course, but it does mean validating your inner child, which in turn creates deeper self trust and more clarity about what is happening.

Come the third week of the month, it feels a bit like getting our footing as the dust settles. How can you check in with yourself in a deeper way so you can recalibrate and reassess? This is a good time for journaling to get clear on how you are feeling about whatever has come up in the last two weeks. 

Sometimes many different aspects of our inner child are active. Part of you may want to keep ignoring the problem, while another part of you wants to get to the bottom of things and be present. Journaling is a great way to ground yourself into the present and give voice to all those parts that may be coming up—just don’t forget to validate your feelings and give yourself lots of self-compassion.


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