I'm An MD & Blood Sugar Expert: This Is How To Avoid The Metabolic Hangover


When it comes to blood sugar balance, when you eat might be just as important as what you consume. “Glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity cycle throughout the day,” says Kelley-Chew. “So the same food that you eat in the morning versus the night will very well have a different glucose response.” Specifically, she notes we have our best blood sugar control in the mid-morning, around 10 a.m. “Then it just goes downhill from there.” So if you’re going to eat blood sugar spiking foods, it may be best to do so earlier in the day. 

At the very least, you’ll want to avoid those glucose spikes late at night, when your body starts to naturally create melatonin. “Melatonin actually suppresses insulin, so if you eat high-glucose foods at night, you’re actually doing that in a situation where you don’t have as much insulin available to even deal with that blood sugar,” Kelley-Chew explains. That’s why many experts recommend you stop eating a few hours before you go to bed, if you can swing it. 


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