Juice Is Just The Start: 12 More Things You Can Make In A Nama J2 Juicer


To nix these problems, Nama created a juicer that basically lets you set it and forget it (until it’s time to sip your delicious juice, of course). With this first-of-its-kind appliance, you can load your entire fruit and veggie haul into the juicer at once, turn it on, and step away while the juicer does its thing. This technology eliminates the need to load one veggie at a time, and instead, gives you much more freedom to multitask in the kitchen.

Another noteworthy feature is the slow, cold-pressed technology, which helps preserve more nutrients and flavor. Plus, it yields up to 60% more juice from leafy greens and 30% more from other produce, when compared to other high-speed juicers. 

The slow speed, along with other safety features, also renders this machine much more kid- and family-friendly. 

I’d also be remiss not to mention how easy it is to clean this juicer. All of the main components seamlessly come apart, making it simple to wash and prepare for the next round of juicing. There’s also a clever quick-release feature on the tube where the juice pulp emerges, which means no aggravating pulp extractions. 

Another major highlight of this juicer: As mentioned, it comes with two strainers, one for juice and for smoothies. Each of these opens up a whole world of possible ways to use the machine.


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