Key Takeaways From Our First In-Person Event In Years (Plus: A Fall Recipe!)


The intention of our Future of Food Panel was to illuminate the role of plant-based foods—now and in the future. We questioned these leaders to better understand how consumers are currently engaging with plant-based foods; how consumer demand has changed, especially after COVID; and what innovations are defining the space moving forward. And Jason Bronstad, CEO of MALK Organics, had some key insights throughout.

As a brand, MALK is already redefining the way we think about alternative milks. Their products promise simple, high-quality, certified organic ingredients—and never any of the bad stuff, like gums, fillers, oils, or anything artificial. But Jason Bronstad proved that the brand is also interested in solving large-scale issues in today’s plant-based industry. According to him, consumers’ accessibility to healthy, plant-based foods is one of the greatest obstacles. “What are consumers looking for? They’re craving the right choices. But because of where they shop, their options are limited,” Jason said. “Although we don’t have availability in every grocery store nationwide, we’re aiming to expand distribution to provide more healthy choices.”

For plant-based brands like MALK and consumers alike—accessibility is key. But despite these obstacles, MALK continues to make inspiring choices: “Mother Nature has given us these resources—but collectively, we just don’t know how to use them. So as we continue to evolve—in our processes and innovation—we will do so mindfully.” Further, Jason described the importance of finding partnerships that are more sustainable: “We’re watching the way our partners are utilizing water 25-30% less than other farmers. When we’re looking for partners to choose, we’re looking for the way they sustainably treat crops and land.”

Another key takeaway from the panel that all parties agreed upon was the importance of transparency in the foods we eat… especially in a post-COVID world. “After COVID,” Jason explained, “consumers are now asking the question of what exactly am I consuming?” And when we look on the back of a MALK bottle to see just three ingredients—like the filtered water, organic gluten-free oats, and Himalayan pink salt in their Oat MALK—we understand that transparency simply comes with this brand.


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