FRIENDSHIP is the biggest power in this world  ! 

But how should this friendship be  ?

It should be like the 💦water mixed in milk, how ?

When water is mixed with milk , then the water itself becomes milk !

think ? 

Because water made friendship with milk, it’s value increased !

But the story doesn’t end here, when the milk is boiled , the water takes the heat first , 

it burns out it’s originality and becomes vapors. Then after the friend is gone , there are bubbles in milk.

then it becomes still only when some water is mixed with it …..

So friendship is when one donates his/her originality

     Friendship is when he/she burns his/her originality.

    Friendship is when the happiness and sorrows are tied with the friend.

    So make such a friend in front of which world’s richest person becomes small ……

    LOVE LIFE ! !  Make good friends !  💖

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