Let your each day count!

We all know how precious is our life,but sometimes every day is a same old story. Its a rat race which never ends…


  There is nothing wrong in following a routine but there is a problem when we forget our smile, when we are not curious to learn new things….when we are not even excited for next day!

As said dont count how may years old are you by age but count how many years young are you by your smile.

Sometimes we spend so carelessly that we forget we are even alive. When it comes to fulfilling our greatest desires either we are not aware of it or we take it very casually and ignore or procrastinate it.

Ok lets see how much time we have. On an average people live approximately 70 years

*In that 70 years we spend atleast 25 years for education where we are learning to read,write and explore knowledge. 

*Then next 5 years our major concentration is on job and experience where money is major concern . At the same time we are also searching partner for life. 

*Then marriage,kids and job will take eat up 20 years .Now we have reached age of  50 years. 

*After this age, our life will be like less of work,less of responsibility but lack of energy. Not just our  but hairs changes colour, teeth starts falling out,skins stars getting wrinkles etc

*Thereafter we starts to depreciate,diseases starts gathering up.

*After 10 years we feel we may die at any time and starts to pray God  in the hope that our rebirth will be in good place. And then we die finally…

Through out our life cycle, we feel life is big we will do it later. We ignore small things that gives us satisfaction and contentment which cannot be buyed by money . In the process of responsibilities and being successful we must not ignore ourself! 

 When inner voice comes saying that lets do something we either ignore or just procrastinate it. Whether its our goal or dream of creating history we just leave it very easily. Why we dont take action and keep on working towards it at very first rather then delaying ? Lets stop doing so! 

People focus more on being successful person rather then having successful life! But the main motto behind being successful person is living successful life. 

Suppose person named A wanted to be a successful person so he tries to do more work ,earn more salary but at the end he dont know where to use so much money. He had not just given work to an organisation but also his efforts and time. But in the way of doing so he forgets small small aspects of life that made him happy and satisfied.It can be painting,poetry, dancing,playing with rain,playing cricket, or any of his hobby or as simple as spending time with his beloved family members or hanging out with friends! This things looks smaller but they makes us happy and satisfied…

Life is not all about money its about living. What if we come to know we will not be alive tomorrow can you still sleep peaceful with that fact? If not it means we are afraid of death which indirectly means we never lived fully!

Lets make a criteria that each day will be unique even if not completely atleast one new thing we will do daily! So that at the end we will have satisfaction that we have not lived a robotic life but a life of our choice!

Lets not spend our entire life in just earning name,fame and money . They are important thing but there is one most important thing  that is ‘you’.

We cant create ourself back! Then why are wasting it?And nowadays there ia no guarantee that every people will live 70 years. Anything can happen at any time so why not live this moment best?

It is been common nowadays that people spend majority of their time in social media. Lets stop wasting time and live each and every moment of life and let our each day of life counts out not as a number but as a memory of happiness!

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