Kids are just amazing. Those notorious thought to create mess or those innocent eyes , those crazy behaviour or those happy smile, their stupid logic or their cute cheeks they are just amazing!


When we were kids we used to think when we will get big but now it feels we were at our best during childhood. 

So lets try to learn something from kids..

1.Kids take 0% stress 

Kids are full of craziness and less of worries. Have you ever saw 2 years kid taking b.p or sugar medicine? They wont take stress actually they give stress but thats a separate topic altogether😉 …

2. Happy and energetic

Kids are just in their own world. They are happy and always energetic. If dad goes to office and sit in computer for 8 hours and comeback to home,he will be badly tired. But where as kid who is 5 years old who was just dancing,running jumping for almost 10 hours and just enjoying he will not get tired. Comparatively kid have done more physical activity but he is not at all tired. 

 The reason is simple when we do things that makes us crazy, everything becomes a game and when everything is game we feel less tired and more energetic.

3. Freedom

Because kids doesn’t grab themself in the cage of what should be done and what should not be done.  They dont think what if they go wrong infact they are not worried if things goes wrong!But we as adults cannot give ourself freedom to explore…

4.Curious to explore

Kids are curious to learn and do new things, everything is a game to them But we keep on restricting ourself…if something is new we hesitate to do. When we are worrying too much on outcome how can we work for that goal to our best? And moreover if we are not curious to do new things how can life become interesting?

5.They never get bored

Have you ever heard 2 year kid saying, I am getting bored what things shall I do …?No right and even if we imagine it sounds funny right. Kids never get bored,even if you dont play with kid, kid will still find its way of enjoying things..  

Its we adults who get bored because we do everything for some purpose and not for doing things because we are interested in it.It might be a thought that we adults need to be financially independent and all that stuff but even work becomes game if it is connected to our interest.

6.Go beyond boundaries.

Kids are even more curious and excited to do things which others say them not to do! As adults not just outside world but we ourself restrict our own self to not to do things that is outside of our comfort zone.

7. Discover themself

When kids go beyond what they are expected to …they always learn new things. They discover themself and life. The best thing is they get energy from doing new things. We as adults should also keep on observing and learn new things….life will never be boring thereafter.

8. Never forget to enjoy .

One might say that kids are not given any responsibility might be that’s the reason of their happiness but its not completely true.As when kids go to school he might be responsible for doing his homework and assignments but in spite of that he never forget to enjoy.As grown up we might have responsibility but we need to learn to balance between both responsibility and enjoyment. 

“Responsibility should be the colors of life and not the burden of life!”

9.They are always in present moment

Kids never think about past and future… They just enjoy present. They never hold there past regrets As adults we are required to plan for future but many a times it happen so that in the way of planning things we forget to be happy. We always wanted to achieve success but we dont know what we will do after achieving it… In the way of achieving success we forget to enjoy journey of success!

10. Kids just do things from heart.

Kids never calculate so much like which things will be favourable to them and which things will be unfavourable…which will be risky and which will be safer what they know is they like certain things and they just do what they like. We adults while following our passion think so much about what people will think and never understand what we really like or what we really meant for. 

Becoming adult make us identify what is right and wrong but along with this we should also understand our desire,our passion and listen to our heart and should keep on questioning ourself whether we are living every day to the fullest or not…whether we can take some hours for our ownself or not…

Thus to conclude we can say that  kids are just awesome and we should never let our inner child die…we should always be passionate to live each day of life… let each day count out. Success and failure should not bother us but what must bother is not living each day to the fullest!

When we were kids we used to play with lot of colorful games right?  But as we grow all colours keep on disappearing in the sense that life become boring and meaningless… but as grownup we must have that curiosity to find and get back colours of life.…(color representing as happiness,craziness and curiosity)

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