Life and its turns…


 Life is very beautiful….and as it is  beautiful it is more unpredictable too…we never know what happens. It can be best sometimes,it can be worst too. We might feel amazing and suddenly it can give us shock, We might feel sad and suddenly it can be magical too!Life is just so unpredictable!

Health,career,relationship anything at any time can challenge us…sometimes all the things gets messed up at a single stretch!

Worst days often makes us more stronger. So its obvious people who are successful are those people who had faced lot of things in life!

 Its also that they struggle to fulfill their dreams but they never give up no matter how hard it becomes ,the more the urge to succeed the more and sooner success knocks door. And the more problems comes in between the more happiness we get when we succeed.

Life challenges us, tries to put us down so much that we question our own capabilities. Some trust themself and face it all with a smile. Some just give up and have regret through out life.

If one knows to laugh at problems and to never give up no matter how hard situation becomes if they keep on  trying out are the most strongest person ever.

Life and its turns are just beautiful….time can be good or bad but our will power and ability to handle both matters a lot. One must have capabilty to tolerate both good and bad things….Sometimes people get habit of good things and when life throws problems they cant even accept it and sometimes people keep on having bad things and when life throws good things they might not take it in as they should.

Problem only teaches us to be more stronger, more wiser, and gives always gives a lesson. That lesson which is very much required for our growth!

When life challenges, one must be so strong that they can give a wink and just face it with a smile….

The most challenging thing in life is when our willpower is effected! Health ,Relationship, Career everything can be corrected back if we have great willpower!  Positivity has capability to handle toughest situation . But to be positive in toughest situation is very challenging task! But one have no other option to solve it…As if one acts negative then situation tends to be more worse…Thus to correct situation,one must be positive and have strong will power!

There are plenty of stories where in due to challenges one get stressed, depressed, they think dying is the much better then experiencing pain. But guys believe me time flies. Situation will always not remain unfavourable. Just one positive hope in approach can not just give reason to smile but can also safe life!

So let the life takes any turns it wants…you dont turn negative thats what matters. And take life all in. Experience both happy and sad things but never lose hope and self love! If you love yourself , you will love your life automatically! 

Dont forget life throws hardest battle to the toughest soldier! So if life is hard it indirectly means you are more stronger then you think! If you understood your capabilty you will create wonder but if not you will end up in suffering.. Choice is all upto you!


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