When corona virus came last year it was like so much fear…so much worries.. we never ever thought such things will happen…in this pandemic many had lost their loved ones,their business, their job,their studies etc… 

After 1 year when things had turn out to be normal again same things started happening and again this lockdown began…Hope things turn out favourable soon.

Today I just thought why not share some experience of lockdown. 

This lockdown had changed a lot of things!

Before corona, everyone were tired, same story altogether ,same routine,getting up,going for job or studies… freeking out because of daily work and eagerly waiting for weekend to enjoy and rest. 

Now after lockdown,it seems like life became worthless without doing those work! As we are not tired whole week ,weekend is no fun!Infact  everyday seems like Sunday and this sundays are not really what we wished for😢. 

Now position is like we are eagerly waiting to go to office and counting days by looking at calender and seeing when lockdown will end! And then few conversation and rumors hits our ears saying that there is a chance of further extension of lockdown which makes us feel sad.There came a week were each day of week was like previous day. It was as if we are listening music on loop!

Its like some work should be there…. and even when work at home is provided its not at all fun! Doing work at home feels like as if we are doing vacation homework in our school days!  And if some kids are there at home, working with dedication and meeting daily target becomes even more harder!

Whole day passes out in vain for many…sometimes they try to make their mind and start doing some productive things like reading books, learning new things but this technology had changed that things too…trolling more on social media getting lazy and more addicted day by day watching movies and then burning eyes and half night sleep is what many are worried about.It was like at night people where not getting sleep and at day time they were not fully wake up.

When it was decided to try to get closer to family.…It was found out that even if we are free we are pretending to be busy and using mobile unnecessarily…this realization happened when there was a power cut and wifi was gone and everyone started coming out of their rooms! Oh then conversation and fun that took place was amazing. It was like why we need some gadgets for killing our boredom when we have our loved ones with us?

In Lockdown when maid where said no to work ….it was found out that they work so hard. It seems like we were never thankful for their work…we just gave them money but now gratitude is what we feel for…

When we used to plan for going out to some parks,some temples or some malls we used to do so because we found that as a source of refreshment  and at last visit restaurant for dinner but now things changed… Our refreshment is when we try out some recipes with our family and the spice and sugar of words which are added to the recipe it turns out to be simply incredible!

Lockdown made us realize that life is not somewhere outside …its within us,with our family.

 Before corona we used to give more important towards our career,job, money, education. Now we can realize that most important thing is health and family. Thus we Started trying out new recipes, soups that can boost immunity and doing yoga,playing games with family became daily habit.

Education system has been changed. Not just classes but even exams stared online. Mobile which was never a part of classes or exam,now it became need to attend classes or exams. 

Friends can only meet  at one place that is through video calls! In this lockdown old friends which were seen 8 years back have started showing face one by one in video call! Then the old days conversation began.

Marriages,parties,gathering everything was said no and when lockdown was closed it was strictly announced that one cannot keep any form of gathering by inviting more then 25 or 50 people. Thus in marriages fun was not as earlier. In marriages where once whole family and each and every relative were been invited which was just like a grand celebrations but now only family members are there in the wedding,and moreover relatives are attending wedding through online video calls! 

It came a time when one of our family member got corona. Then the drama that went for 15 days was horrible. What we can smell everywhere is sanitizer …cleanliness was given top priority. And it doesn’t ends there… tasted those soups that are enough to get worst expressions on face in fraction of  second, Then distance from each other,wearing mask and gloves at home as and when required,boiled water etc became a need for that time. Once when 15 days and corona both were gone from house it was a great satisfaction in heart.Hope corona goes forever from whole world and no one dies further because of it.

Great word of appreciation to doctors,cops and all those people who are trying their best to get rid of such worst situation. Hope we all win soon from corona virus and a day where we can go out without wearing mask is announced .Things must turns back to normal as early as possible.

Well corona was a bad thing to happen but as said tough time teaches more lessons and have more impact on us. There are many things that corona taught us. It gave us plenty of time to stay at home and spend time with family and try each and everything possible whether its as small as painting, sketching, dancing, watching movies or following  hobby or as big as managing finance and day to day expenses and helping others in their tough times.

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