Looking For A Sign To Move Forward? This Spiritual Symbol Is It


The Chariot is one of the tarot deck’s Major Arcana cards, which means if you pull it, you’ll want to pay extra close attention. According to tarot expert and author of the Magical Self-Care Tarot Deck Leah Vanderveldt, this card is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, and is all about growth through action.

As Skye Alexander, author of The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot previously told mindbodygreen, “In some decks, he holds no reins—he uses sheer willpower to keep his steeds moving together in a forward direction,” adding that when you pull this card, it represents “mastery of opposing forces and control over inner conflicts,” and on a literal level, it can also indicate travel and transportation.

“The Chariot is a vehicle (or if you’re comparing it to Cancer, a crab shell), so the focus is on movement and directed energy,” Vandervedlt explains, noting that asserting yourself in a healthy way will get you far. “If there’s something you want to accomplish or change, now’s the time to set it in motion,” she adds.

“The Chariot can have road-opener energy, but before you move ahead, check in with your gut and align your actions with your intentions. You might need to shed the protective shell of your former self to move forward,” Vanderveldt tells mindbodygreen, adding that when you’re on the right path, there’s no need to rush.


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