Mercury Retrograde Is Here & It *Will* Shake Up Your NYE Plans, Astrologers Warn


Whenever you wake up on January 1—which may be later than usual with the languid Taurus moon encouraging you to stay in bed—no need to dive into the whole resolution-setting thing. Mercury is retrograde, remember? And in ambitious Capricorn, no less, so the stage won’t be set for such forward-thinking activities. We recommend holding off until January 21, when the first new moon of 2023, in experimental, progress-driven Aquarius, sets up a much better launchpad for your dreams. In the meanwhile, you can ease into 2023, using the first few weeks as a time for all the retrograde-positive “re-” activities, such as relaxing, reflecting, and reconfiguring.

That’s not to say you can’t start reviewing career goals right after the New Year. Scour LinkedIn and social media. Is a former colleague crushing it? And do you see an opening for a collaboration? Send a hello note or catch up over a cup of cheer. Don’t go in with an agenda; just nurture the relationship. If nothing else, you’ll leave the casual meetup inspired, with ideas you can apply to your own ambitious plans.

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