Might Is Right


Might is right means people who have power succeed in proving themselves right, though they may not be right in the reality.

This happens because people have the power they can manipulate resources; they can bribe people in power and succeed in accomplish what they want. However, this type of success and achievement is called corruption. 

The truth is might could be right temporar seily, but in the long run only right is right. Only might is not right. In the history many powerful people tried to prove themselves right with their might; but they failed miserably. For example, Hitler tried to scare the world. He imposed on the world World War II and lakhs of people died in the war. Yet, he could not prove he was right.

In conclusion it can be said we should not endorse the principle of might is right, nor should we practice it.

Published by Manoj Prajapati

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