Milk Baths Have Been Used For Anti-Aging For Centuries—Here's Why


Apart from gently exfoliating, milk can actually hydrate simultaneously thanks to its fat content. “Milk is very soothing and conditioning for the skin, that’s why you’ll see a lot of hand soaps, body soaps, and products made with goats milks because it is super hydrating,” board-certified and renowned esthetician Caela Bulzing tells mbg.  

We know that gently exfoliating the skin and replenishing hydration are two important factors when it comes to healthy skin aging—which is probably why these baths have been associated with skin aging throughout history.

Plus, the act of taking a bath in general can be beneficial for the soul, especially if you opt for a spiritual bath. While these won’t have practical skin benefits, sometimes doing something for the sake of enjoyment is enough to add it to your beauty routine. (Listen, beauty should be fun.)

For these rituals, you’ll focus on ambiance and intention—think relaxing music, essential oils, chakra work, and taking a moment to reflect. You can read the 101 on spiritual baths here, if you’re curious. 


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