My Holy Grail Product For Fuller Brows & Lashes Is 20% Off Right Now


This gentle and effective serum is packed with tons of skin and hair-loving ingredients. First up, a trio blend of peptides to support hair length and thickness. Not only can peptides be hydrating to the skin, but they’ve also been further researched in recent years with promising results for eyelash health. 

In one study, researchers found that some peptides can stimulate keratin production, a key factor in hair growth. The results of their study included increased lash curl, length, volume, and thickness. So yeah, peptides are a must, and this serum checks that box three times over. 

Another lovely addition: Hyaluronic acid. While you may be used to slathering a HA serum on your face, the lashes and brows can benefit from this boost of hydration as well. If you have sensitive eyelids, the blend of hyaluronic acid and panthenol (AKA provitamin vitamin B5) in this tube will nourish the skin rather than irritate. Plus, the extra boost of hydration helps prevent breakage to keep your existing lashes strong.


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