The mat has four settings, each representing different natural frequencies—and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The lower levels are a bit more relaxing, while the higher levels help give an energy boost. Below, find a brief description of each. The frequency, noted in hertz (hz), measures how many times the electromagnetic waves cycle per second.

Level 1: 3hz – Delta Brain Wave is recommended for when you are feeling anxious and want to restore balance or to help prepare for a restful sleep.

Level 2: 7.8hz – Theta Brain Wave + Schumann Resonance is great for relaxation after being overstimulated by technology usage, or if you’ve been stuck inside all day.

Level 3: 10hz – Alpha Brain Wave helps promote mindfulness and wakeful relaxation and is especially beneficial when used during meditation.

Level 4: 23hz – Beta Brain Wave helps promote mental function, increased concentration, and improved memory. Not meant to be used before bedtime or if you are feeling anxious, this setting is like a healthier alternative to an afternoon coffee.

What’s great is you can use the mat as often as you want. Simply plug it in, give it about 15 minutes to warm up, and select the setting of your choice. The brand even has a smaller version, which uses the exact same technology and can be easily placed on your chair throughout the day. The larger mat is about the size of a yoga mat—and many people actually like to do their yoga flows on it for boosted results and grounding. Just know the mat is not light. It weighs 43 pounds and has about 20 pounds of healing amethyst and tourmaline crystals sewn into the fabric.

While the brand’s sauna blanket helps you work up a pretty intense sweat, the optional heat in this PEMF mat is much milder. And, of course, you’re not enveloped in it. That said, if you do crank it up to 7 (the mat’s highest heat setting), you’ll likely find yourself getting a bit toasty.

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