Name ,Fame and Money…


Name ,Fame and Money …the desire of majority people…

Actually speaking there is nothing that much wrong in earning name,fame and money but the wrong is in our negative emotions towards it.

Its hard to be a successful but its much more harder to maintain our positive emotions.


It happens so that once people achieve success they may feel they are greatest…. proudness must be there but ego is not a good thing. One should be down to earth. They must be humble.
If we develop ego we may be insensitive sometimes or may be don’t care about others feelings. It might have a drastic effect in relationships too !
 As we feel we are great we might not question our decisions which may be right or wrong.. it can effect our potential and can hamper our growth too!


Its good to aim for big but we must not develop greediness.  We must never give money first priority. Obviously its necessary for our survival.But its not life! Its like we keep on having desires after desires. One finishes other emerges. And keep on doing the same thing untill we die!


In order to achieve success we ignore lots of things… We must also see other aspects of life such as our health.  Ask a sick person about his experience of pain. It great and lucky to have a  healthy body. We must practice healthy lifestyle.

In the urge of success we forget the people who were always close to our heart. Our parents who have done everything possible for our betterment , Our siblings who have made us laugh harder ,whom we can share everything,Friends which give meaning to our craziness and other family members who care for us… This all are real jewels of our life whom we should always be grateful!


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