National Harbor – The Perfect Couples Getaway


I was cooped up in the house for so long I started to become concerned for my mental health. I would stay inside the house 4-5 days in a row since March 11 with only going out to North Carolina one weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday. This nation’s racial tension, politics, along with the daily COVID-19 infection and death updates had me fearful and in dispair.


I am vitamin D deficiency and was not getting any sun, was gaining weight, and due to massive layoffs at work, was doing the job of 3 people and managing a new team, working 6:30am – 7pm almost every weekday. I spent another 3 hours each night and 20 hours on weekends on My physical health started to become a concern as well. I just needed a small getaway… 


Your circumstances may be different in the details but I know you can relate to NEEDING A BREAK!


I live in New Jersey where we were limited to the 17 states we can visit without quarantining when we returned. Our first vacation during the pandemic had to be less than 10 hours away since we were driving.


We are not alone. AAA predicted 97% of summer vacations would be roadtrips. 


We chose the National Harbor as our weekend couples getaway because of the distance, population density, and things to do. National Harbor is a vibrant area that sits on the Maryland side of the Potomac sprawling about 1.5 square miles of hotels, residences, restaurants, attractions, and a convention center.  There are AirBnB rentals and hotels including the brand names of Marriott, Wyndham, Hyatt, and Hilton.


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