Need A Celebration? This Spiritual Sign Means You're Getting One


The Four of Wands is a card of arrival, according to tarot expert and founder of Girl and Her Moon, Jordane Maree. “It’s the peaceful moment of celebration where we can take a step back with gratitude and witness all that we have accomplished—and really let it soak in,” she tells mindbodygreen.

When we remember that the suit of Wands in tarot is associated with the element of fire, and Fours in tarot are associated with stability, we get a better picture of what this card represents. It’s not uncommon to pull it following a period of instability, or upon reaching a significant milestone, Maree notes, adding, “It’s the stabilizing of rapid growth and expansion that allowed us to get to this point.”

Once we can take a breather and see things from this new perspective, she explains, we have the opportunity (and space) for clarity, peace, celebration, etc.

“It also invites this celebration to take place with our loved ones, and can represent loving family gatherings and events, like a wedding, reunion, or holiday,” Maree adds.


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