New job


New job

We all have one thing common in mind that is to earn money and ‘To stand on our own legs’ as proverb been said and heard. For the purpose of earning we have a concept of choosing right career options so that we will be enjoying while earning. 

Thus choosing right career option becomes one of the major important choice of life. From the childhood kid is prepared to study as much as possible and score highest marks.
Some kids are presurised to choose certain option and perform in a certain way.  At the age 20 to 25 it becomes very hard to manage our studies,job and also to enter into marriage proposals.

We are judged by the salary we get and money we earn in case of business. Some work harder and get only few and some work very minimal but get lakhs of Rs of salaries. 
So how is your first job experience?
Too much frustruating or too beautiful?

To enter into corporate world is the way of opening out of our comfort zone. Its interesting but not as easy as it looks. As to find job itself is a tough job all put together. People while studying aim  to get into big companies. But later on they realise to get job in that is not as easy as studying!
When we are student, we feel if we get highest marks we will earn highest money in future. But its no where true. Studies only plays role in the way of understanding things. Some are merit holders but still not getting job and some are just pass out but still earning lakhs. 
Thus highest marks is not equal to highest salary!
But if you get highest marks it means you are used to work harder which might always be a plus point.
Coming to first job experience…
Oh. What to wear at the interview? What are the questions they will ask? What will be the CTC? What if they reject? What if they ask some high level technical questions? How we are gonna face this things ..the body language ,eye contact, confidence etc
Then if everything works out well and even you are satisfied with the company, like CTC , number of people working, distance from your home to the office etc then comes the actual story of first day at the job.
First day of job…at night you will be badly excited and keep thinking…asking questions by yourself and framing answer by yourself. So much excited that you just cant start sleeping!
And then you suddenly wake up too early thinking that you dont want to be late!
Trials after trials of wearing dresses as if there is a fashion show and still not fully convinced what to wear …..
Finally leaving home….driving and feeling that you have accomplished success. Small eyes with big dreams just entering office. Little bit of hesitation,little bit of nervousness,and lot of questions in mind… you move forward to introduce yourself. You get a your cabin or place to work up.
Later you make friends…learn to analyse people. And then if everything is good you continue or else you quit!
Sometimes you slowly realise that people aren’t good, they behave in a certain way and are actually in a certain way . You understand the difference between the boss hiring you before and after. You realise that there is something called as politics. You realise that your eyes and body pains out and are not flexible to sit in a rigid way. Slowly things started turning back. You feel that this is not what you dreamt off… You feel that job is only good before entering! Some people show courage and quit, some people show courage and keep continuing.
Well whatever you choose you learn more about yourself in the process. 
I have seen certain people quitting their dream job and then again began searching a new job! Its really tough to find desired job and much more tough to continue with happiness and satisfaction.Because before entering job it all look fancy but after entering everything becomes daily routine and boring.
Specially for girls its much harder as their family or in laws might have a problem if they go for a job. But believe me girl its your life and just yours. If you die this people will cry and forget later on . But if you cant live the way you want ,you can never ever be happy. Stop being a robot who functions accordingly operater. Be a human being who have full freedom at every level rather then life of regrets…
Thus to conclude I would say, job is something that molds you up in desired form….it is not just a way of earning money but its also helps you in discovering and upgrading yourself. Even to start a business one must definitely learn skills which is why job becomes much more important. But be passionate about your life and enjoy whatever you do rather then worring ,shouting or being bored up….


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