“I’ve tried a lot of fitness trackers, and my number one qualm is that I typically don’t want to wear them during everyday activities. They tend to be bulky and, well, not stylish. The Garmin Forerunner is incredibly lightweight, with multiple colorways to choose from. Of course, it’s not all about the aesthetic. This watch is also a top-notch fitness tool (and a sleep tracker, too!). It monitors your stress, heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep and activity levels, and more, providing scores on how you can improve these metrics and optimize your health. As an athlete, I appreciate the built-in sports apps with 30+ activities, the 12-day battery life, and the ability to house all my stats and progress in one place through the Garmin app. There’s even coaching plans for various running distances and suggested daily workouts to help you reach your goals. I’m as much a recovery lover as I am a fitness enthusiast, so I love that the watch gives me an estimated recovery time between workouts. Oh, and if you need help on the hydration front, it tracks your water intake for you as well. I find new features daily, and would recommend this watch to any runner who wants to take better control of their health and training.” — Carleigh Ferrante, commerce editor

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