It’s funny how you don’t have to wonder what people think of you anymore these days, unwanted opinions are given out freely unsparingly.

Yes, many have never mastered the art of staying in their own lane, but yet have 3 P.H.D.s in sticking their noses were it does not belong.

There are so many that feel as though they can live your own life better than you can and I’m sure they all know them well; the one who are so quick to say:

I think you should;”

“If you ask me;”

“Well, if it was me I would;”

No matter how sure you are of yourself, or what you are doing, those opinions can be jolting and bring in waves of insecurities along with them.  As if fighting the voices of self-doubt in your own head was not enough, how about we just throw in a “nay-sayer” or two just too add excitement.

So how do you deal with the unwanted opinion of others? Stay focused on what captured your focused in the first place.

If you listened to the opinion of every person whenever they gave it, by the time you were finished with what you had set out to do it would be completely different than what you first envisioned. And you may be left with a sense of being left unfulfilled.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when it is vital to heed the advice of others. Maybe they have more experience in certain areas, or can see certain things that you cant. But when what they have to say adds no substance or value to what you know deep down in your gut is the path you should take, the moves you should make or the person you should become, do not lose focus.

Often times it can be especially hard when you are the one standing in your own way, and that is when you will need bravery and determination. Take the first step, and the step after, and the next one until finally until no one can stop you, not even yourself.

Sometimes the opinions of others, and even yourself, can hit hard. But you have to hit back even harder. Surround yourself with a good support system, it doesn’t matter how big or small, and encourage yourself on a daily basis. Become your biggest cheerleader so that no matter how loud those doubting voices may be, yours will be even louder.

Your dreams are your dreams for a reason. If you weren’t the one who was meant to guard, protect and see that dream through, it wouldn’t be your dream anymore, it would be everyone else’s.

Believe in yourself, find people who support you and trust their advice and leave the “nee-sayers” in their own little land of always having something to say but never really being able to accomplish anything.



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