Our Beauty Editor Shows Us 6 Different Ways To Use One Beauty Oil


From moisturizers to manicures, most of us have a cabinet full of products to cover the full scope of our beauty routine. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But what if it’s time for more minimalism, with the help of one nourishing beauty oil? 

In the latest episode of the Beauty Breakdown, our beauty editor Alexandra Engler shows us six different ways to use one beauty product: Nativa SPA’s Rosé Multi-Benefit Precious Oil. Blended with quinoa, argan, sunflower, and almond oils, plus an antioxidant-rich rose extract, this multitasking oil has a place in our skin, hair, and even nail care routines. Whether it’s sealing split ends, moisturizing delicate areas, or even pushing back your cuticles (with the help of the Nativa SPA’s Golden Spoon), it’s refreshing to have one luxurious answer to so many beauty needs. Ready to simplify your routine? Press play!


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