It doesn’t matter whether you have two legs or four—an eco-friendly lifestyle means taking a closer look at our food and whether it has sustainable roots. Just like we may eat organically, shop locally, or choose planet-friendly brands, we can help our pets eat more sustainably too. When we choose a pet food brand with sustainability at its core, like Nature’s Fresh, we immediately make our furry-friend’s lifestyle a little greener.

Through their partnerships with regenerative farmers, Nature’s Fresh supports eco-friendly practices like rotating crops and cover cropping, both of which increase soil biodiversity and reduce the need for aggressive fertilizing. These practices don’t just reduce water usage, they help eliminate the chemical runoff that can be standard in the industry. To further cut emissions, Freshpet even uses wind turbines to power their kitchens. When we say that our pup deserves the very best, this is what we mean… From farm to dog bowl, the goal is to reduce environmental impact while raising the bar on what good pet food really means.

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