We live in a society where perfection is given important role. Everyone wants to be perfect . But does perfection really gives us happiness?

Let me tell you a story of girl ,lets assume her name as ‘X’,

  ‘X’ was trying to perform best in every single manner. She was studying hard for good grades ,she wanted to go for higher studies and great job and wanted to make her name and identity in society… 

She was trying to be so perfect that even if single thing went wrong she used to get upset and cry. 

Although she was liked by all but not liked by her own self! 

 Her small small errors where like big mistakes to her. And she used to blame herself too much. 

Her main problem was she just wanted to be perfect but dont know why?  It was like she was working hard and sacrificing lot of things but she dont know why she is doing so…  May be she used to feel that perfection will be liked by society and she will be happy …And even if she achieve something great she was not trully happy! She didn’t understood what is the reason..

And the  second problem was not allowing herself to make and correct mistakes!  Infact its true that we learn more when we observe and try to correct mistakes and errors.Infact mistakes are not bad, its important part of life. Without mistakes there is actually no growth!

Later a day came where she met ‘Y’ ,who was enjoying life so much. She just used to observe him and wonder how can one be so relaxed and enjoy life in such a way. She was amazed by his actions.

Y’  likes challenges , he always wanted to try new things and if things doesn’t work out well he used to question ‘why? ‘ and tries to find solution. He was not afraid of errors,problems or mistakes, if he does something wrong he just ask ‘why?’ and later say himself’ Its ok’ and learn from it.  He was only concerned about living the present moment. He used to do things which he likes like playing guitar and enjoying music.

According to him,life doesn’t comes with rules or menu card it just come and passes quickly. Only thing what we have is current moment. 

It nice be perfect but its more perfect to be happy at every moment. No doubt we must work on making ourself better but happiness must be connected to it!

‘X ‘ realised that the problem with her was her own rules and regulations. It was like she was in cage built up by her own  which does not allow herself to fly in every  direction.

She just believed what people think is right and wrong and never questioned why? She wanted to be perfect but she didn’t realised whether that perfection will give her happiness? the goal for which she is working is actually hers or framed by society?

I feel instead of trying to be perfect one must focus more on correcting mistakes because perfection means not doing any mistakes and errors. But without mistakes  there is actually no growth !

Its great to try to do best in every single aspect . But when we focus to be more perfect we keep on judging ourself and doesnt allow ourself to accept that mistakes can happen. 

Thus from the above story we understand life is to live and not about  forcing to be perfect.Its about learning from our mistakes rather then going away from mistakes,Its about accepting and loving ourself rather then blaming ourself for silly things.

Here we also understand  that purpose what we choose in life must be ours that thing which really matters to us rather then framed by society or else even if we achieve the most difficult thing we will not be happy!

Thus perfection doesn’t mean it will lead to happiness but happiness will guarantee perfect life.

Perfection is imperfect without happiness!

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