Personal development is the process of becoming your damndest best. Make yourself a priority to multiply your value and help others.

Personal development is the most practical way to start your journey to becoming an effective leader, a better parent, and a valuable citizen of the world.

People who invest time, effort, and money in personal development embrace a growth mindset. They have dreams and aspirations. They live their principles and values. They act on purpose.

It isn’t like eating an elephant in one meal. There are proven and practical ways you can do every day for half the effort and twice the results.

Personal development is not about reaching your highest potential. There are no boxes that mold you and me. Instead, it is about evolution. You have the power to create limitless possibilities.

Think different.

You can transform your life by pursuing personal development. It is not as difficult as most people imagine.

65-year-old Zig Ziglar told us that personal development is a lifelong pursuit. He said that he has his 10-year personal development plan.

16-year-old Jazz wants to start early to be the person she wants to be. She does not believe that someone needs to be ready to get started. To be prepared is to start when you are not yet an expert.

Age doesn’t matter. What matters is that you decide to keep on growing and become your damnedest best.

God has given you the gifts to be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

Different Areas of Personal Development

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Personal development begins with you.

It begins with you. But it is not all about you.

Keep this in mind so you will see what I am trying to say. The good thing about being Filipino is that we always consider our community.

Our actions benefit others. It is better to consider personal development as an act to be of service to others too.

Personal growth is a conscious effort.

Get Training in Personal Development

Many training providers pay more attention to career development and personality development. Many managers assumed that everyone is paying attention to self-growth.

But if we were to conduct a survey today, we’ll be in for surprise. Many Filipinos do not set personal goals.

Everyone has dreams and new year’s resolutions, but it is seldom do I meet someone with personal goals.

Some experts teach visioning exercises. These exercises are helpful. However, they often fail to show people how to translate dreams into actions.

Every time I design a supervisory training course, I recommend a module on personal development. Not every manager will pay for that module, but those who care for accelerated growth and high performance willingly invest.

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