Every person has its own uniqueness, the way he thinks, looks,behaves,and even the action he takes…all are different from one person to another.  But we all have our own flaws…which creates a lot of problems at the end.

Developing our personality is thinking about working on our weakness and converting it into strength!

Its not just required for gaining opportunities in outer world but also makes us to connect ourself!

So lets begin..
This is the list of basic things that can enhance one’ s personality.There are yet many things which can be added to the list…

1.The physical appearance

The way you dress out…talks a lot about yourself. So take care about what dress you where, which color, patterns,makes you look much better, and how you are pairing it with matters a lot!

Try some trendy things need not spend plenty of money.

 Be comfortable in your style.
 Dont just copy others instead choose a style which makes you feel happy about it.

Dont know how far its true but it is said that people subconsciously notice our shoes!Thus keep it neat and clean.

2.Communication skills

The second most important thing is the way you communicate… Its not just about how well you listen, understand and speak, but its also about how you convince others, how you develop an healthy relationships. Its also about developing eye contact and good body language .

3. Criticism and complements

Its life…and there will be a moment where people complements you..but dont take it so seriously that you develop ego.
     While you may face criticism too…dont take that too seriously. Definitely learn from it but never let it lower your confident!

4.Optimism and gratitude

Be optimistic…take every challenge as opportunities. Be confident and do your best. Express gratitude, be thankful for such a beautiful life no matter how hard it is there is still mote then 1000 reasons to smile.

5Acquire knowledge

Learn from every moment, acquire knowledge of different fields… Try and experiment a lot, read books…all lead you to acquire more knowledge and thus build a great personality!

6.To meet new people

May be knowingly or unknowingly we becomes like the people around us!
Meet new people…every person has its own uniqueness..try to take the positive qualities of them..Meeting new people also broader our aspect to think.

7.Be in present moment

Sometimes it happen so that we keep thinking something or the other in our mind and  especially when someone is speaking to us we get lost in our own thoughts…which result in negative outcomes.

8.Respect others

Dont show your arrogance to others.. respect them and be kind to others…as what you give is what you get.

9.Avoid negative vibes

Avoid being short tempered, angry on silly things, rude and arrogant. This all will end up doubling  your problem. Try mediating and practice things that male you relaxed.

10. Give yourself freedom to be happy

 Meet with a smile…work with  passion, do things that makes you happy,that makes you worth living. Be kind not just to others but also to your own self .

No one is born perfect .. its just everyone trying their best.

11.Develop good habits
Sometimes there are very tiny things that matter to who we are… Developing good habits makes us more appreciative and we develop confident which is very much required for great personality!

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