Prep Your Skin For 2023: Reviewers Say This Collagen Powder Makes Them Glow


“I noticed my skin looks better after only 1 week using this collagen. I use it everyday,”* says user Alina M. in a review. While everyone may experience a slightly individualized timeline (everyone’s body is different!), the hydrolyzed collagen peptides plus skin-healthy ingredients like turmeric, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E in our blend support overall skin health from the start.*

Once you make this supplement a part of your daily routine (and stick to it), the results will be even better. In terms of skin support, collagen supplements begin to take effect between four and 12 weeks. Reviewers agree: “My skin has more elasticity after 1 month,”* says reviewer Janette S.

Another shopper, Giovanna H., echoes the praise: “Within a month of using it, I got compliments that I was glowing, and specifically, my skin is glowing! Going on month 2. Can’t wait to see more positive changes!”*

Arguably the best part of this new daily ritual is how easy it is to incorporate into your routine. “I mix this into brownies, fudge, [and] coffee,” reviewer Katherine B. says. “My hair and skin are in great shape. Looking at my 50s as the glorious years instead of the golden years,”* she adds.


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