PSA: Make Sure You Check These Sneaky & Common Hotspots For Mold


How often have you checked your toilet for mold? While you may think the shower is the most common bathroom hotspot, don’t ignore your toilet tanks: “Most homes that have a mold issue, if you go to their toilet tank, take the lid off, flip it over, and look on the underside of the toilet tank cover, you’ll find mold,” says Rubino. “And usually a lot of it.”

It makes sense why mold can easily grow there—it’s a dark spot with lots of water. Rubino recommends checking your toilet tanks periodically, but don’t freak out if you notice some mold growth. “If there’s mold there, shut the water supply off, and flush it. That water will remove itself from the tank, and then clean the inside of the tank really well,” he explains. Or you can always consult an expert to remediate the situation in a snap. 


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