PSA: These 3 Types Of People Need Vitamin D Supplements The Most


Vitamin D receptors are found in just about every cell in the human body, which means vitamin D has a critical role in brain, bone, muscle, hormone, digestive, and heart health (to name a few).* Seriously, the wide range of vitamin D benefits is nothing short of astonishing.

But here’s the catch: Your body needs ample vitamin D to help support these vital functions, and research shows that the cutoff for clinical sufficiency [i.e., 25(OH)D levels of 30 ng/ml or higher] simply doesn’t cut it. Endocrinologists and other leading health experts say we need levels at or above 50 ng/ml to help our bodies thrive in the way they deserve. 

If your latest vitamin D blood test was below 50 ng/ml, it may be time to consider supplementation.


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