PSA: You Can Make A Healthy Mocha That Won't Spike Your Blood Sugar


After your coffee base is ready, it’s time to froth your milk. If you have an at-home frother, have it on deck. Otherwise, an electric hand whisk should do the trick (you can also use a blender!). Before you begin the frothing process, toss a scoop of the mbg chocolate beauty & gut collagen+ powder into the milk. 

Once you’ve reached a consistency and temperature you like, pour your milk and espresso into a cup, top with a dash of cinnamon, and voila: a healthier version of a classic mocha to satisfy your sweet craving. Yes, it really is that easy.

The best part about this mocha is that it’s flavored with rich, organic cocoa powder and sweetened with organic monk fruit extract for a delectable, yet sustainable daily chocolate fix. Bonus: It’s packed with skin- and gut-loving ingredients including hydrolyzed collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, L-glutamine, vitamins C and E, and more.* Who knew a mocha could be so healthy?


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