Psst: I Found The Secret To Bright Under-Eyes & I'm Never Looking Back


Like many eye patches, this hydrogel set comes drenched with hydrating serum; the patches are practically swimming in the jar. Specifically, the goop contains glycerin and red algae extract, which are both beloved humectants that draw water into the surface of the skin and plump it up with hydration; allantoin, which is a super skin-soother great for reducing inflammation; and upcycled avocado extract, which delivers conditioning fatty acids that further soften and soothe the area.  

This quality combination helps instantly brighten, hydrate, and de-puff my under-eyes. Not to mention, the masks are quite cooling, which also dials down inflammation and constricts blood vessels (this, in turn, helps deflate a swollen area). After my very first use, I was floored by how bright my under-eyes looked—no concealer necessary—and since then I honestly can’t stop gushing about them. Suffice to say, I was itching to review them for our Talk Of The Team series


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