There’s a word called “selfish”

People do wrong things in selfishness etc….
World has considered selfishness as a sin !! 
Is selfishness really bad ?
Selfish is made up of a word “self”, which means from oneself.
So the work in which there’s ones self meaning, and self benefit , 
That is selfishness !! 
Now it’s the question?  What’s your inner self ?
If your inner self  has only YOU ( self benefit ) !! then you are selfish !
If your inner self  has your family (family benefit) !! Your are not selfish ! your inner self is VARIABLE.!!
If your inner self  has few more people , then you are a PHILANTHROPIST(you love doing CHARITY)!!
If your inner self  has the whole world (you want to improve this world) ! Then you are PARAMOUNT !!

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