Registered Dietitians Want You To Eat A Handful Of This Seed Every Day


“I always lightly toast sunflower seeds with a pinch of salt and sprinkle on salads or quinoa and veggie bowls throughout the week,” Knudsen shares.

Cannon’s approach is a little different: “You can use them in a pesto instead of pine nuts or to make a vegan alternative to Parmesan cheese,” she suggests. “I add them to cereal and oatmeal to boost the fiber, plant-based protein, and healthy fat content of those typically carbohydrate-heavy meals.”

Though they are safe for daily consumption, “Be mindful of the sodium content in packaged sunflower seeds,” Knudsen suggests. “There are unsalted options out there that are still tasty, and you can always sprinkle salt on them at home if you feel the flavor profile needs a little more oomph.”


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