Reviewers Are Ditching Their BB Cream For A Naked Face Thanks To This Product


For example, we use phytoceramides (as Ceramosides®) in cellular beauty+ to support a healthy skin barrier structure and promote a supple complexion.* And after 3 months, participants who took a wheat extract rich in ceramides had improved overall skin hydration and moisturization.*

Why is this so important? Well, the ceramides naturally found in your body begin to decrease with age (similar to collagen, elastin, etc.). This translates to drier and possibly more sensitive skin with age, which can then lead to uneven tone or flushing. 

This is just one reason cellular beauty+ generates such glowing reviews, like this one from Natalie P.: “Couldn’t be happier with the product. I usually wear a BB cream, and I haven’t been lately…my skin tone is even and healthy looking.”* 

Just remember: Even if you skip the BB cream, you can’t forget to finish off your skin care routine with SPF. We repeat: Internal and topical methods are important for a healthy skin tone!


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