Reviewers Say This Vitamin C Product Gives Them A Major Glow


I often wax poetic about vitamin C for skin health. The superstar antioxidant has a plethora of benefits when used topically, such as brightening overall tone, keeping skin firm, fighting free radicals, and so much more. (There’s a reason vitamin C serums are hailed as a must-use by most dermatologists!) But it’s not just topical use that skin care experts push for: Time and again vitamin C ranks among the top of the list of nutrients you should consume for glowing, healthy, vibrant skin.* 

That’s because vitamin C plays a vital role in the collagen synthesis process—your body literally needs the antioxidant to produce the protein.* (And as a reminder, collagen is your body’s structural protein that is what keeps your skin firm and lifted.) Not only that, but thanks to its ability to neutralize free radicals and temper oxidative stress, it can help preserve the existing collagen layer.*

And while loading up on vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables is always a good idea, there’s a more efficient way to optimize your intake: minbodygreen’s vitamin C potency+. The supplement delivers a powerful 1,000 mg vitamin C dose (equivalent to 15 oranges) of our body’s primary antioxidant in a gentle and optimized form, and is shown to raise vitamin C levels more effectively than other types. *†‡ 


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