Reviewers Swear This Body Lotion Softens Fine Lines In Just 48 Hours


As for easing fine lines long-term, mindbodygreen’s star formula includes CoQ10, which has energizing effects for the skin cells (so they literally act younger). Research has even found that topical CoQ10 can significantly decrease wrinkles, and it does so without any irritation. The star of the show, however, are the targeted-biotic ingredients, which provide deep hydration and skin barrier support. 

Specifically, our special biotech postbiotic comes from Lactobacillales, the “educational” strain of bacteria that teaches skin to act young, protect itself, and revitalize barrier function. Sounds like a tall order, but your skin microbiome is pretty powerful—that’s why we always push ingredients that nourish the trillions of bugs that live on your skin—and it adapts rather quickly to whatever you’re using. “At first I thought the postbiotic bit was hype, but my hands and wrists are free of fine lines after 48 hours,” notes Evelyn C. in a review. “The postbiotic lotion is kind of magical.” We (and 27 other reviewers) would agree. 


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