Road Trip Essentials


Cash – There are still many areas that have tolls that accept cash only, therefore be prepared. Also, you may not be to use a store restroom without buying an item. Use cash instead of a credit card so you are not charging something as small as a stick of gum.

Trash bag -The outside of your car may be filthy from the drive but you can keep the inside of your car neat. Keep a store plastic bag or little trash bag liners in your car to dispose of trash and gloves. 


Phone Charger -Don’t forget to pack a phone charger compatible with your car. You would hate for your phone to die when you rely on it for directions! Make sure you pack extra chargers for other devices such as tablets.


Umbrella – You never know when a shower can pop up, especially in the southeastern states of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Make sure you have an umbrella that you can easily reach when the skies open up just as you were making a pit stop


Hat – When you finally arrive at your destination, you may not want to look like you have been on the road for hours. Make sure to bring a hat that you can throw on to cover unruly hair. 


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