Romantic Energy Will Be Contagious This Week, Astrologers Predict


This weekend, messenger Mercury ends an agitating retrograde that began on September 9 in Libra—and rounded out its second half in anxious Virgo starting September 23. Relationships were particularly unstable while Mercury backed up through Libra which may have led to obsessing and “strategizing” that got you nowhere fast. That all changes this Sunday!

As the cosmic communicator powers forward through sanity-restoring Virgo until October 10, logic reigns supreme. What to do with this earthy, orderly energy? Get obsessed with systematizing and simplifying. Color-code your bookshelves and purge processed junk food from your fridge. Straighten out your schedule and do your level best to achieve “inbox zero.” Rejig your budget and have any necessary conversations about money that you’ve been putting off.

Since Virgo loves wellness, accessorize with your fitness tracker and create an October workout plan. Just be careful not to hop on the latest fad. That gemstone-infused, activated-charcoal healing tonic sounds divine, but uh, could you whip one up at home? Pin that recipe!

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